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Signature tutorials

2009-06-25 18:56:27 by jonaathan

So from now of i will make signature tutorials for gimp, something like photoshop,
you can make them in gimp and photoshop because it's quite the same, except the shortcuts, they make me go CRAZY!!
Feel free to visit my deviantart page:
click here if you want to visit my deviantart page^^

Anyway here are the first tutorials:
(these link go to deviantart, it's safe men.. :D )

Venom tutorial

All alone tutorial

Warrior tutorial

Pixel smiley tutorial

The Drawing Contest

2009-06-21 13:48:05 by jonaathan

So i've decided to make this new weekly "The Drawing Contest" which i am now going to call TDC because otherwise i would have to type it all the time ( it's such a long name..)^^

- All the casual NG-forum rules
- Make your own art, don't claim someones art..
- It has to be drawn
- You have to post new work, not something that you drew a time ago
- Only one entry per user
- Give an explanation why you drew it

If you have any suggestions for themes, just leave a comment or mail me.

Past TDC themes:
- Movie-related

Learning the flash basics

2009-06-18 07:50:03 by jonaathan

So i am now learning the flash basics to make a movie or game, if you have an idea that i can do, just PM me :D